Santorini Sightseeing

Places worth visiting in Santorini island, Greece

Vlychada Beach

Chiselled by the elements, the cliffs that cling on to Vlychada beach resemble a monumental sculpture. Its undulating, lunar landscape, the handiwork of the wind ...

Wine Tasting in Santorini

Thirsty? We’ve got you covered. Santorini is singular in so many ways, its indigenous grape varieties and wines are the toast of sommeliers and wine aficionados world over.


Oia is known for its gorgeous sunsets. Decadent colors of violet, pale pinks, and wispy blues will fade into the horizon as you enjoy a delicious meal.

Megalochori – wine country

This picturesque village, far removed from the tourist trail, is home to Santorini’s famed wines and boasts majestic mansions, traditional architecture, pirate hideouts and vineyards.

Akrotiri – lessons from the past

Akrotiri translates as the far end of a promontory and it is this storied peninsula that is known world over for its spectacular finds dating back to the Minoan period.

Pyrgos, a medieval hamlet that retains its timeless allure

The castle could be only entered at one point, the 'Porta', above which obtruded a square structure with an opening at the bottom part from which the inhabitants of the castle could pour burning oil on invaders.

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