Vlychada Beach

Chiselled by the elements, the cliffs that cling on to Vlychada beach resemble a monumental sculpture. Its undulating, lunar landscape, the handiwork of the wind, sea and the volcano, embraces the long, pebbly beach as if to protect bathers in its enticingly shallow waters from the onslaught of capricious natural forces.

Perhaps, one of the least peopled stretches of sand, Vlychada is nonetheless extremely well-organised with parasols, sunbeds and even a small canteen for quick nibbles and drinks.

This is by far the most beguiling beach on Santorini with its dark sand offsetting the enticingly shallow waters.

Marvel at fishermen mend their nets in their downtime, watch brightly hued sailboats glide in and out of the charming harbour and for those more sportily inclined, The Sailing and Yachting Centre promises watersport action.

For a wholesome meal of freshly caught fish with Santorini’s famed sun-kissed tomatoes and fava, stop at one of the several tavernas that fringe the port.

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