The Telegraph UK: Secret Santorini -The hidden spots to beat the crowds

There’s much more to Santorini than the Instagrammers at the sunset spectacle of the Oia.

You’ve seen the postcards, but nothing prepares you for the raw intensity and devastating beauty of Santorini. The vista of dramatic caldera cliffs rearing from the Aegean and sugar cube houses dribbling seawards like gravity-defying diamonds make Santorini the can-can dancer of the Cyclades. She may seem all jazz hands and high kicks, but behind the sparkle, Instagram posts and cruise ships hides a softer, sweet side.  

As Lefteris Karipidis, of bespoke guiding company Blue Shades of Greece, says:

“There’s more here than just sunsets, Santorini is bursting with surprises.”

Stay longer, dig deeper and get off the beaten track – that’s the message from locals this summer. Here’s how to do it…

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