Out & About with Kids: Our Unique Greek Island-Hopping Family Holiday

When she finds herself stranded in Europe during the COVID-19 pandemic, FLIP BYRNES decides to make the most of it and explore the Greek Islands without the crowds and cruise ships. 

Our incredible three-week Cyclades island-hopping vacation began in Santorini. Poseidon beckoned us, and we answered the call. Sailing to a mooring by the black volcanic remains of Palea Kameni, mid-Santorini caldera, my two girls are keen to know if it was a boy or girl volcano. “A girl,” Captain Eleftherios, of Renieris Santorini Sailing Center, and I decide, “No-one else could become so mad”. How mad? “So mad she exploded, and her head blew OFF!” (She was definitely Greek, adds Eleftherios). And here she is now, lying in the caldera, calm, content and sleeping. You can hear her snores in the little waves and feel her tickle you with wind fingers.

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