Blue Shades of Greece Tourism Awards 2019

How do you show the authentic side of an island when it happens to be the most Instagrammable location on the planet?

At Blue Shades of Greece, we steer our guests away from the ordinary to let you experience Santorini as locals, soaking in the island’s spirit, history and ambience with a bespoke programme that meshes in with your tastes and interests.

Santorini is blessed with a layered history as is evidenced in the fascinating ruins at Akrotiri and in the narrow alleys of its fortressed villages, revealing strong Venetian influences.

Its unique geography, a constant struggle between man and nature, has in turn left an indelible imprint on the island’s wines and gastronomic produce, as well as beaches of singular beauty. Our guides pepper their commentary with interesting facts, local legends and expert insight into the walking trails that lead from Oia to Imerovigli, the engaging history of what remains of the Venetian settlement of Scharo, and of course with pit stops to drink, savour and admire Santorini’s natural gifts.

With a team recognized for making each visitor’s Santorini experience a special one, Blue Shades of Greece was recently awarded the highest award for Bronze Award for Tours and Walking Tours at the Tourism awards 2019.

We are touched that our guests soaked in our enthusiasm as we shared stories, raised a toast to Santorini’s celebrated wines, partook of a simple meal by the sea, exchanged history trivia and rejoiced in Santorini’s enduring beauty.

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