Are you ready to experience Santorini like a true local?

Our company and staff are proud to share with our VIP guests our many years living and working on this beautiful and interesting island, so we can provide you with a more intimate, personalized experience!

Come along and take advantage of all our years of exploration and research, in a way that makes you feel like you’re having an amazing adventure exploring with old friends, not just the ordinary tourist experience…

And as we navigate this new adventure ourselves, we plan to add MORE exciting touring options and services along the way, such as personalized concierge services and small event planning

Perhaps you’re wanting to surprise that special someone with a mind-blowing marriage proposal?

Well we can recommend a secret surprise in a stunning, unforgettable setting! Perhaps you have a special birthday, anniversary or family reunion coming up?

Let us assist you in arranging an exceptional celebration, including a personalized island tour you and your travel companions will never forget!

You now have your very own personal island contact who knows all the best local spots & activities to make your time in Santorini stress-free and beyond your imagination…

We look forward to hearing from you!

Your Shades of Greece team

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